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Project Amenities

Blue Town Commercial District

Commercial District

The Blue Town Commercial District is designed while keeping in mind the international standards layout of a commercial district where…

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Jamia Masjid

Blue Town Jamia Masjid will be a proud identity of Blue Town Lahore and will represent this project throughout Pakistan.…

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A very integral part of any community living concept is to have complete and comprehensive healthcare services for residents. Blue…

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Maintenance Services

Afraid to have strangers in your house to fix a problem or regularly facing delays due to scarcity of time…

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Police Station

Our commitment to your safety is demonstrated by the fact that Blue Town Sapphire will have a dedicated government police…

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Blue Town Sapphire will install hi-tech security systems throughout the project to ensure secure living standards for the residents. Blue…

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Blue Town Sapphire Food Park

Food Park

Enjoy cuisines from around the world at the Blue Town Food Park from traditional foods to tingle your taste buds…

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Transport System

Understanding the fact of travel issues and how the quality of travel contributes to the quality of performance after reaching…

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